Whistle Pig Brewing Company 5.1k Running Club


Running club is every Thursday at 5. Show up sign in and run. The Run starts at 7 and we do Dollar off pints ($4.25) for running clubbers. Check-in  will begin at 5:00pm at the brewery, located at 1840 Dominion Way.


You must sign a Release and Waiver to participate in the Whistle Pig Brewing Company Funtastic 5.1k Weekly Running Club  You may register here online, down below where it says Online Member Registration, or you may print out the waiver by clicking the link below.  We also have some at check-in for you to fill out and sign.  You must have signed the waiver by your first run.  

Printable Waiver

Whistle Pig Brewing Company Funtastic 5.1k Weekly Running Club Release & Waiver
**You can also fill out the release and waiver when you come to check in for your run**


Online Release and Waiver

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Whistle Pig Brewing Company, LLC


Each participant (“Participant”) in the Whistle Pig Brewing Run Club and/or other running and related activities (“Activities”) involving the Whistle Pig Brewing Company, LLC., DBA Whistle Pig Brewing, are required to assume all risk of participation in these Activities, and evidence this assumption of risk by signing this Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement. In consideration of Participant’s being allowed to participate in such running and related activities, Participant hereby acknowledges that he/she: (a) has had the opportunity to determine the nature of the activities and the manner in which they will be conducted; (b) hereby certifies that as of the participation in the activity he/she will be physically fit and safely able to participate in the Activities and not under the influence of any drugs, alcohol or medications that could adversely affect his or her health; (c) is fully aware and understand the risks and hazards inherent in participation in the Activities, including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, weather conditions; wet, snowy, or icy surfaces, road, drive, parking area, trail, and sidewalk conditions; darkness and other variable lighting conditions; vehicular, bicycle, motorcycle, and other traffic risks; and risks associated with running or participating in crowded and densely populated activities.


In consideration of Participant’s being allowed to participate in such Activities, Participant hereby on behalf of him or herself and his or her personal representatives, assigns, heirs, and executors, personally assumes all risks in connection with the Activities, and fully and forever waives all rights against and releases, discharges, and covenants not to sue the Whistle Pig Brewing Run Club, Whistle Pig Brewing Company, LLC, and each of their managers, members, owners, employees, agents, contractors, successors and assigns, for all claims or causes of action for personal injury, damage to property, loss of services, medical expenses, contributions, indemnifications, losses, or damages of any and every kind or nature arising out of or in any way related to participation in the Activities.

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Location Information:

Whistle Pig Brewing Company

1840 Dominion Way

Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Hours: Wed, Thur, Fri 3:00p- 9:00p

            Sat, Sun 11:00a- 11:00p

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