Whistle Pig Oatmeal Stout

Whistle Pig Oatmeal Stout – Exceptionally creamy with lush smells of nut and earth. This brew will warm on the coldest night and is satisfying and delicious any night of the year.


Whistle Pig Mosaic IPA

Whistle Pig Mosaic IPA – Citrus and fresh, our IPA is unique, complex and balanced. Nice hop finish with tropical, citrus and berry notes.


Whistle Pig Juniper Ale

Whistle Pig Juniper Ale – This is our American Pale Ale that has a great fresh cut pine bouquet, creamy ale taste and finishes with juniper berries and Cascade Hops to supply that bitterness hop heads crave.


Whistle Pig Brown

Whistle Pig Brown-The brown is simple. Malty and lightly hopped is the signature flavor of our Whistle Pig Brown. It brings together the best characteristics of an English Southern and a Norther English brown and will leave you wanting more of this very drinkable Brown.


Whistle Pig Traditional Wit

Whistle Pig Traditional Wit -Our Traditional Wit has all the elements you expect from an wit styled wheat but with a minty surprise. infused with a hist of green tea and mint this beer will have your taste buds rumbling!


Whistle Piss Light Ale

Whistle Piss Light Ale- This is our lightest beer and easy to drink. Summer days, quick beer after work, or with your favorite Whistle Pig entree, this beer is unapologetically is for the non-craft drinker. So if you normally order beer that rhymes with “Buck Night” you can proudly order this Pilsner. So my friend, roll up your sleeves and get on the craft beer band wagon because this one’s for you!

Whistle Pig Dunkel Weisse

Whistle Pig Dunkel Weisse- Heilige Kuh! Das Dunkle ist gut, wenn Sie wie dunkle weisse, bestellen Sie diese ein. Whistle Schweine sprechen Deutsch ?

Whistle Pig Squeezins

Whistle Pig Squeezins – Mmm…Mmm…fresh squeezed lemonade! Sweet, tastym and  pink! It’s lemonade but only this is beer at its zesty, lemonadey finest.


Whistle Pig’s Legendary IWP

 Is a wonderfully rich coffee chocolate porter brewed for the holidays and enjoyed all winter long. To drink this one right, have WPB add a splash of Bailey’s. Why IWP? Because IT's a Wonderful Porter!


Whistle Pig Maple Thunder

Whistle Pig Maple Thunder – Colorado is known for lightening strikes and this Porter will sneak up on you like a timberline Thunderstorm! Made with fresh maple syrup this earthy porter is strong like bear and smooth like the January ice on 11 mile reservoir. Rich and fulfilling this porter is even better with a toss of Irish whiskey .

Whistle Pig Mother Gaskill’s Apple Smash

Mother Gaskill’s Apple Smash – In honor of Gudy Gaskill’s dedication and life of service to the Colorado Trail, Gaskill’s Apple Smash is a rich throw back to old fashion apple cider. This beer leads the way with sweet apple taste and bold cinnamon and spice much like Gudy Gaskill herseld lead the completion of the Colorado Trail. 1% of the sales of this beer are donated to organizations that care for and maintain the Colorado Trail.


Whistle Pig Tilt Kilter Wee Heavy

Tilt Kilter Wee Heavy- will turn you upside down and call ye Molly! Strong and traditional Irish Wee Heavy Scottish ale has great character and deep copper color. Tilt Kilter is smoothness with a kick that drop your bloomers and float your kilt in its rich malty flavors.




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Whistle Pig Brewing Company

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